SACRRA Credit Submissions
SACRRA Only Web Data/Credit Submissions
Web Program

Loan-Info is a member of the South African Credit & Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA)
under the SACRRA Affiliate Leader Group (ALG) Membership

If you don't have the means to submit your Transactions to the
SACRRA DTH (Credit Bureaus) then this is for you.

Fast Data Entry: Customers, Contracts, Payments.
This is not a Loan Management System, it does not calculate
Interest Percentage/Initiation Fee Percentage/Account Management Fee.
Supports Various SACRRA Account Types & Joint Loans.
Can be used by various types of Credit Providers not just Cash Loans.
Requires the minimum information to be inputted to allow for
processing and uploading of the transactions to the SACRRA DTH.
This version was designed if you have your own Loan Management system,
use Excel, Paper or something else that can't do the SACRRA submissions.
You put in:
Loan Amount, Initiation Fee Amount, Interest Amount, Account Management
 Fee Amount, VAT Amounts, Payments and your transactions is automatically
submitted to the SACRRA DTH.
Full Web Version, Nothing to Install on your Computer.

Automatic Daily Submissions to the SACRRA DTH.
Regulation 19 (13) of the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005, as amended

You can Apply for access/use.

Johan de Klerk (Cell No.: 0828913912), Loan-Info.